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Two Free Vaccine Clinics Today, Meyer Hardware Update, Music, and Highway 6:  Meyer Hardware News The rumors about Meyer Hardware are true. Meyer Hardware will be liquidating their store starting at 8:00 am on Thursday, August 5th. All merchandise and store fixtures will be liquidated. This includes hardware, power tools, sporting goods, BBQ supplies, housewares, g . . . read more

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From trails in a dirt lot, to a world-spanning sport:  

By John Akal Although I wouldn’t exactly call myself a pioneer of the sport, I can say that my friends and I used to ride our stingray bikes on the trails around Golden well before anyone ever thought of something called a mountain bike. Back in the late 1960’s the trails were pretty much . . .

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City of Golden Weekly Digest:  In this issue… read more

BioIntelliSense lands $45M for remote patient monitoring device:  By Elise ReuterMedCity News BioIntelliSense, a startup with backers including UCHealth and Royal Philips, recently raised $45 million.  The company began marketing its sticker-like device to moni. . . read more

Ever thought of running for City Council?:  City of Golden If you’ve ever thought of running for City Council, now is your opportunity! Golden voters will be electing Councilors for Wards 1, 2, 3 and 4 during the City of Golden General Mun. . . read more

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BBC News - US & Canada

Mexico sues US gun manufacturers over arms trafficking:  The lawsuit accuses companies of fuelling bloodshed through negligent business practices. read more

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Ever thought of running for City Council?:  If you’ve ever thought of running for City Council, now is your opportunity! Golden voter . . . read more

2021 New Construction Moratorium:  Effective July 20, a temporary (180 day) moratorium was put in place by City Council to a . . . read more


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Golden – The Denver Post
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From the Rockies to Himalayas, this Golden museum celebrates mountaineering:  The American Mountaineering Museum in Golden is a gem, honoring the human spirit of challenge and adventure from the Rockies to the Himalayas. read more

Denver-raised playwright Max Posner’s “The Treasurer” is golden:  "The Treasurer" is at times funny. It is also consistently smart -- as in intelligent, but also as in this is going to hurt some. read more

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Cherry Creek School District 'strongly encourages' but doesn't require masks:  After concerns about the Delta coronavirus variant drove new federal guidelines for mask-wearing indoors for all people in certain areas -- regar. . . read more

Englewood Schools to require masks indoors, vaccinated or not, as classes begin:  Englewood Schools will require the wearing of masks by all students, visitors and staff inside its schools this fall, regardless of whether a per. . . read more

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Newsboy Statue

"Newsboy" is one of Golden's many pieces of public art. He stands at the end of the Washington Avenue bridge in front of the Golden Visitors Center, just across Clear Creek from Golden's historic downtown business district. The headline on the newspaper he holds in the air reads "Truth".


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Golden Views

What’s wrong with this picture?:    Have you noticed all the fire department rescue trucks parked near the Clear Creek Trail in Golden the last month or so?   This photo was taken June 12, 2018, and the shiny red truck parked next to the trail … Continue reading read more

From Golden's Mayor:


Finally Facebook Friendly:  Dear Readers,

This blog is moving to Facebook under the name "Mayor Marjorie Sloan." I hope you'll join me there, where I intend to submit much more frequent entries about issues, events, an . . . read more

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